Total Investment Cost (TIC) for Capex & Opex

Estimate Quality Assurance & Control

Estimate Validation for EPC and Owners


Workflow Optimization & Training Workshops

Due Diligence Activities for Decision Making

Risk Analysis & Contingency Setting

Project Controls

Cost Control / Budget Analysis in Construction

Resource Loaded Project Scheduling

Project Management Resources

Professional Services Provider Who Delivers Value Added Solutions to Companies in Process Plant Industries

  • Parallel Check Estimates to EPC Contractors
  • Cost Estimate Preparation for EPC and Owners
    • Powerful Custom Reporting Capabilities
  • Estimate Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC)
  • Risk Analysis / Project Contingencies
  • “Cold Eyes” Review
  • Contractor Bid & Change Notice Evaluations
  • Modularization vs. Stick Build Cost Studies
  • Training, Workshops, & Implementation
    • Software Tools & Methods Consulting
  • Technical Skills & Resources Located On Site
  • Stand Alone Automated Material Take-off
  • Existing Plant Asset Valuation / Appraisal

Deep Dive Into Our Outstanding Performance

Explore our customer challenges in the various cases below and learn how expert software tools and workflow methods can impact project outcomes.

A specialized combination of experienced talent and cutting edge technology contribute to sustainable practices and repeat successes.

Industry Segments

Downstream • Midstream • Upstream

Oil | Gas | LNG

Mining & Metals
Offshore Platforms
Unconventional Pilot Plants
Coal to Liquids / Chemicals
Water Treatment

Pipeline Transmissions
Pulp & Paper

Company Overview

      • Experience with more than 200 process plant projects
      • Delivered solutions to more than 75 companies
      • Practical knowledge in more than 30 countries
      • Team of 15 Cost Estimators and capability to expand quickly
      • Roughly $50 Billion USD of cost estimation conducted annually
      • CAPEX & OPEX
      • Project Management Alliance in US / Canada Projects


Additional Support Activities for:

      • Trading Companies
      • Venture Capital Groups
      • Banks & Financial Investors
      • Claims Support
      • Asset Valuations (Sales & Taxes)
  • Accuracy

    Reduce Project Overruns

    Reduce Growing Estimate Costs from Concept to Execution

    Calibrate and Customize with Company Historicals / Actuals

  • Efficiency

    Get Results With Limited Data

    Leverage Software Connectivity

    Interdisciplinary Workflow Methods

  • Consistency

    Across Multiple Projects

    Across Multiple Sites

    Across Multiple Cost Engineers

  • Speed

    Lump Sum Bid Proposals

    Plant Location or Capacity Adjustments

    Process Flow Test Case Options

Automated Material Take-off

Over the past few years, SES has embarked on cutting edge research and development of an automated material take-off (MTO) software. This proprietary technology breaks barriers and pioneers functionality that revolutionizes MTO industry standards. We are ready to launch this capability as part of our new solutions package. QUANTIFY champions forward progress by automatically extracting data directly from smart P & ID programs such as AutoCAD and Smart Plant (3D and P & IDs), transfers the input to the QUANTIFY engine, and then loads the bulk quantity figures into commercially available cost estimating software. This breakthrough results in higher accuracy and significant manhour savings when compared to traditional MTO manual processes done by hand. Learn new ways to save costs and improve accuracy through QUANTIFY – The Automated Material Take-Off tool.

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