Plant / Project Units

Plant TypeProject Area Technology
Gas PlantGas Processing - Cryogenic, C3 Recovery, Gas Oil Separation Plant
LNGRegasification / Liquefaction
Petrochemical ComplexWaste Water Treatment Systems, Syngas, Power Generation / Steam Turbines, Acrylic Acid, Butanol, Chlorine, Epoxy, Hydrogen, EO / EG, Polypropylene, Ethylene Dimerization Metathesis, Naphtha Reformer, Ethyl-benzene, Cold Box, Ethylene (Naptha, Ethane Cracker)
Oil Sands / Mining FacilitySmelter, Power Plant, Ore Prep, Froth Treatment, Solvents, Conveyors, Crushers
Refinery ComplexVDU / CDU / SDA, Utilities & Offsites, Sulfur Forming Unit, Ash Processing Unit, Buildings, Diluent Recovery Unit, Gas Recovery Unit, Gasifier, Acid Gas Removal, Medium Gas Oil, Sour Water Stripping, Tail Gas Treating Unit, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Hydrogen-SMR, Benzene, Delayed Coker Unit, Hydrotreater
Gas Storage PlantTank Farms, Transmission Pumps
Gas to Liquids (GTL)
Coal to Liquids (CTL)
Industrial Gas PlantAir Separation Unit (ASU)
Bio-Chemical ComplexDemethanizer, Ethanol, Conversion