MATURUS OPTIMI is an independent consulting firm that specializes in techno-economic feasibility of Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Oil, and Gas processes. They assist research and engineering organizations in project scoping, economic evaluation, and development of different process designs; as well as improving the energy efficiency of new and running processes. Their aim is to grow within their area of expertise while providing cost effective solutions for their clients and adding value to their client’s businesses.

Maturus Optimi originates from R&D and engineering environments with a main focus on technology and process economics. Their long time experience includes: development and techno-economic evaluation of new process concepts and new plants; optimization, debottlenecking and retrofitting of existing plants, as well as energy efficiency improvement studies. Maturus Optimi operates across the entire project life cycle: from the research through the conceptual and engineering phases and on to the running plants.

When developing new processes, engineers often face challenges of selecting the most promising process routes out of a vast range of different process ideas. In practice many of these choices are bases on non tenable evaluation criteria and previous experiences of researchers / project engineers involved in this procedure. Wrong choices made in this embryonic phase of a project could incur an enormous cost projection to the later stages of the project development. Employing specialized methodologies and tools, many risk factors can be foreseen and avoided even in the early phases of project evaluation.

Maturus Optimi helps guide business decisions and supports organizations in their growth and sustainability by applying best in class process development and economic evaluation methodologies. Working across different industrial sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, renewables,  life science, oil & gas, etc., gives an additional dimension to their knowledge and experience.

Strategic Estimating Systems and Maturus Optimi have a global strategic alliance providing added value for early on process engineering development and economic analysis to feasibility, front end engineering and design (FEED), and continues through to detailed cost estimation.